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Case Study Stal Hoveniers Website

 A website transformation for a well-deserved retirement

With a clear goal of retiring within a decade, our client, a landscaper, understood the importance of a professional website to help him reach this goal.

His existing website, which was doing more harm than good to his brand, made it difficult for potential clients to find information and view project photos.

The Challenge

Stal Hoveneirs Case-study ESight Studio Pattern

Our Approach

To solve this problem, we built a website that resonates with her audience and showcases her professionalism.

We achieved this by incorporating high-quality, professional images of the client that perfectly match the overall design and style of the website.

We also added client reviews and clear call-to-actions on the key pages of her website. Furthermore, we included an online appointment form so visitors can easily schedule appointments at their convenience.

We also assisted her in transitioning from to our hosting service, ensured a smooth transition, and set up her new email infrastructure to run through Google mail without losing any emails, and maintaining the same folder structure she was used to.

Stal Hoveneirs Case-study ESight Studio Pattern


A significant victory was the improvement of his Google rankings. Without any additional investment in SEO, we managed to get his position on the first page of Google. This resulted in a significant improvement in visibility and an increase in detailed quote requests via his website.

Although the new website has only recently gone live, the client has already received more leads in his work area, Dordrecht & surrounding area. The positive feedback from his surroundings confirms that we have created a website that is not only attractive but also effective in generating leads and improving the client’s online presence.

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