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Case Study Nettencentrale Website

From messy to premium: elevating an online store for sports and transportation nets


Nettencentrale had an existing website, however, there was a huge need from the owner to make the design and images much better, because it was not professional-looking and was difficult to use for visitors.

It was also messy because lots of products were shown that were not offered any longer.

Simply, potential clients could easily notice that not much time was spent on the store’s design.

The Challenge

A big win could actually be realised if the website would be a premium site since their competition isn’t doing a good job with their websites.

Meaning, there was an opportunity to become the best solution in their niche by having a great website.

The Importance


Because if the client would have chosen a cheaper option, much more coding would have to be done when adding other functionalities later on, such as a CRM integration, in order to have their systems communicate more effectively. With a custom-coded solution, far less time and money is needed when deciding to add more functionalities later on.

Our Approach

The problem that the business owner was stuck with was that his website was built by another vendor, who didn’t have time anymore to work on this to satisfy the client’s needs.

On top of that, the business owner doesn’t have the design and development skills to do this, it’s just not his area of expertise.

It was even more frustrating because there was an error on the site, resulting in them not receiving confirmations from new orders in their email inbox. Which is very important to receive to get new orders shipped.

Since growth is an important part of their vision too, they came to realise that they couldn’t ignore this problem with their website any longer, something had to change.

The client loved the solution that we proposed, namely a fully custom coded eCommerce site running on WooCommerce that allows them to also easily add functionalities after the initial development is finished.

Because this helps them to easily grow and expand their business without their store putting tech limitations on them.

Immediately after starting the project, we first solved the email issue so the client would receive new order confirmation emails again

Make sure
the system works

Our Process

At the beginning of the project, we do some wireframe is to make sure the buyer flow is convenience, especially for the sport clubs.

A lot of effort went into our extensive research process, making sure to create a unique concept where sport clubs feel at home.

We redesigned and retouched all the product images while making sure they’re easily accessible for visitors throughout the entire website.

To increase conversion, we’ve added the 4 most important product sub categories for people to choose from right below the header. Then, there’s the two main product categories showing featured products that rotate around automatically.

The new website is very easy to navigate, and people can find what they need easily. The entire Products page was redesigned too, with a logical and easy-to-use menu to find products in various categories with just a few clicks.

We compressed lots of stand-alone products pages into one, by adding selectors such as color, net height, net width etc. Resulting in far less product pages, and a much more effective product arrangement compared to the old website. To increase sales, we’ve also added suggestions for related products that other customers bought.


All in all, we were able to help them to create a new, effective design for their store that dominates their niche. A website where it’s easy to buy a product.

The average time spent on the site per visitor increased tremendously. Analytics show that before our redesign, average visit duration was 3m 0s. After the redesign, the average visit duration is 4m 28s. The bounce rate used to be 61.58% with the old design. After the redesign, the bounce rate is 32.86%.

We are also in a continued collaboration meaning that whenever the client needs changes, we are able to implement them fast (for instance the Feyenoord Netten banner was added recently to promote a new product). So that through our collaboration, our client is able to continue to grow.

If you are in need of eCommerce Development services for your online store, we are here to help you. We’ll always listen to what your ideas and goals are, and consult you accordingly to achieve your desired result.


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