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Case Study Mintt Website

Creating a strong brand image in the staffing industry

Remco Eversdijk

Mintt – Mensen in Top Team B.V.

“ESight Studio has completely transformed our website with their expert approach to look and feel. Their availability is outstanding and they implement changes incredibly fast. Moreover, they maintain proactive contact to ensure everything is functioning optimally, while offering suggestions for further improvements. This is ideal for us as it allows us to continue evolving.”

Due to a recent change in law, our client, Mintt, had to establish a separate company officially registered as a staffing agency for providing personnel and secondment. This change created an urgent need for a professional website where job seekers could easily find a job.


Mintt faced a challenge: they lacked the expertise to create a precisely designed website that was both user-friendly and attractive. Added to this was the fact that the staffing industry has an unfavorable image, often seen as an industry solely focused on profit. Mintt wanted to debunk this image and instead radiate a sense of inclusivity and integrity, which is a core value of their organization.


This challenge was further complicated by the fact that the website had to be built from scratch. There was no existing website that could serve as a starting point, so a completely new concept had to be conceived and realized. In addition, there was an urgent need to set up an email infrastructure, as important communication for the launch of the staffing agency had to be sent and received.

The Challenge

To help Mintt establish itself as a respected player in the staffing industry, an extremely professional website was not just a plus – it was an absolute requirement. The website had to serve as a vital hub in the staffing sector, which, if set up incorrectly, could damage potential relationships with employees and clients, and could negatively impact Mintt’s growth plans.

The Importance

Our Approach

We supported Mintt by overcoming these challenges. We built a website that radiates a unique concept, evokes a sense of unity and trust, and presents the right information to the right audience in a structured manner – whether this is employees, clients, or other visitors.

Unique Concept: The concept was inspired from subway station in Netherlands. Every audience get to website is like coming to the station and finding the right opportunities for them

This was achieved by combining in-depth research with creative concepts that offer visitors a warm welcome and emphasize progress and building long-term relationships. To reinforce this sense of inclusivity, we also advised and carried out a professional photo shoot.

In addition, we designed an innovative and interactive registration form that stands out and plays a crucial role on the website. This form helps job seekers to easily go through the application process while experiencing a sense of surprise and satisfaction.

Within hours of our conversation with the client and approval to build the website, we set up the company’s email. This allowed them to immediately start sending and receiving emails.


Since the launch of their new website, the client has noticed a clear positive impact. Although it is difficult to quantify specific results, it is clear that the website plays a crucial role in their success. They regularly receive feedback from new employees indicating that they visited the website before they started working at the company.

The client praises ESight Studio for their expertise in creating an attractive and user-friendly website. They are particularly impressed with ESight Studio’s availability and their ability to quickly implement changes.

It is clear that a professionally looking website contributes to the image and visibility of the company. This is confirmed by the positive reactions they receive – people find the website attractive and well designed.

With the support of ESight Studio, the client can focus on their core activities, while they can trust that their website is in good hands.

The new website has also contributed to higher visibility in the region and has helped create a strong brand image. The client notes that the website helps them attract the right people. In addition, there is a positive trend visible in the engagement of people visiting the website.

All in all, the new website from ESight Studio has had a positive impact on the client’s growth and success.

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