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Case Study Kibbel Hoveniers Website

Attracting their ideal, high-paying clients

The business proprietor was in the midst of a company rebranding, with ambitions to attract a more high-end client. Given the name change involved, it was essential that their new identity hit the mark perfectly.

Historically, they catered to a broad array of clients, but their passion lay in pursuing larger, more substantial projects. The hurdle they faced was an existing website that failed to consistently draw in these high-value projects.

Hence, there was a need to reposition their online presence. The client’s lack of web knowledge added to the complexity of the task, making it a challenge to accomplish this shift and locate a suitable partner who could help bring this vision to life.
The old website was a magnet for individuals who didn’t align with the client’s goals. It attracted people more interested in competitive pricing than high-quality results, draining the business owner’s time as they painstakingly crafted proposals, only to be rejected on grounds of excessive cost.

The prevailing problem threatened the sustainability of the business, and without a solution, the owner doubted the longevity of his business. This was particularly disheartening as he had recently taken ownership of a company he’d previously been employed by. However, with the right solution, he was confident in fostering growth and dedicating his time to the work he adores.

Kibble Hoveneirs Case-study ESight Studio Pattern

The Challenge

This challenge was addressed by constructing a professional website where premium clients would feel at home. The site possessed the appropriate style, featuring exquisite project images, glowing client testimonials, and a user-friendly contact system. The newly designed website was equipped with all the information potential clients would seek.

Kibble Hoveneirs Case-study ESight Studio Pattern

The Importance​

Kibble Hoveneirs Case-study ESight Studio Pattern


Upon launching the new website, they managed to attain their objective of effortlessly attracting a greater number of high-end clients. This put them in a desirable position, where they could carefully select clients they wished to work with. They began to attract clients willing to invest more in their services. They observed a quicker conversion rate and an eased process of securing high-price commitments after the new website was live.

This put them in a desirable position, where they could carefully select clients they wished to work with. They began to attract clients willing to invest more in their services.

Importantly, during sales negotiations with new clients, the business owner found he had to prove his credibility significantly less than before. New clients, unfamiliar with the company, made assumptions that they were engaging with a reputable firm based on the professional website.

The new website also remedied their previous issues with individuals seeking low-cost proposals, which had been a significant drain on time. According to the owner, they reported a decrease in questions from new clients as most necessary information was readily available on the website, leading to time savings for both parties.

Another significant improvement was a drastic reduction in spam emails. This was achieved by implementing an anti-spam measure on their contact form, shielding them from a barrage of unnecessary spam emails flooding their inbox. This crucial step further enhanced their operational efficiency.

Jeroen Kibbel

Founder of Kibbel Hoveniers

With the help of ESight Studio, I have successfully transformed my business from serving a wide range of clients to focusing on larger, more rewarding projects. ESight Studio created a professional website that resonates with premium clients, enabling me to attract more high-end clients and selectively choose who I want to work with. The new website has not only led to faster agreements and higher price commitments, but has also helped save time and money by filtering out unsuitable clients. Moreover, the implementation of a spam filter on the contact form has significantly reduced the number of spam emails I receive. They created a beautiful new website for me. Everything was discussed and clearly explained. This transformation has enabled me to focus on what I love doing, knowing my website is in good hands.

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