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Case Study Heijna Administratie Website

From DIY to professionalism: a website transformation for growth

After receiving feedback from potential clients on LinkedIn, the business owner realized that her website needed to align with the appealing message she was conveying.

She had initially created the website herself, but understood the need for a more professional online presence that would support her business growth and attract higher quality clients. Not being a web designer herself, she sought professional help to create a B2B website that would truly represent her business.
One of her biggest frustrations was dealing with her hosting company, She found it challenging to get in touch with them and resolve her web issues. She wanted to switch to a different hosting service but was concerned about the transition, especially since her email was hosted on the same platform.

The issue with her existing website, which did not reflect her professionalism and core values, was causing her to lose potential clients. If this was not addressed, it would continue to result in lost revenue.

The Challenge

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Our Approach

To solve this problem, we built a website that resonates with her audience and showcases her professionalism.

We achieved this by incorporating high-quality, professional images of the client that perfectly match the overall design and style of the website.

We also added client reviews and clear call-to-actions on the key pages of her website. Furthermore, we included an online appointment form so visitors can easily schedule appointments at their convenience.

We also assisted her in transitioning from to our hosting service, ensured a smooth transition, and set up her new email infrastructure to run through Google mail without losing any emails, and maintaining the same folder structure she was used to.

Heijina Case-study ESight Studio Pattern 1


Although the new website has only recently gone live, the client has already noticed a positive impact. She has received positive feedback from both clients and colleagues, indicating the improved professionalism and user-friendliness of the website.

We are confident that these positive changes will contribute to her business growth and we look forward to sharing more specific results in the coming months.

Ellen Heijna

Founder of Heijna Administratie

As a business owner, I wanted a website, but I was unsure about all the things I needed to arrange and do. What kind of structure, appearance, texts, and linking to social media for leads? I had no idea where to start, especially since it’s not my area of expertise.

I had an intake conversation with CJ, which I found pleasant and trustworthy. CJ thinks along with you and gives tips and suggestions that can be appropriate for your company. He takes the time and asks questions to look together at what you are looking for to create a plan of action.

You can leave the arrangement of web hosting, domain, Gmail, or linking of social media to CJ. He arranges all this very neatly, when he needs you he lets you know and he makes an appointment to set it in motion together.

For changes or problems, you can easily reach CJ and it is quickly adjusted or resolved. I am proud of the result. My website is top.

We regularly contact to see if everything is going well. He is flexible in making appointments and what I find pleasant is one point of contact. CJ knows what he is talking about, a real asset to make your company shine online.

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